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Barry Jefferson President, NAACP Jacksonville, Arkansas

" Due to COVID restrictions, the NAACP will hold virtual meetings in ZOOM. We will post our public meeting on the NAACP Jacksonville, Arkansas website calendar, for the community to visit. Please stay tune for details."

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President's Corner 

"Hello and welcome to the Jacksonville, Arkansas Branch of the NAACP.

I am Barry Jefferson, and I am pleased to serve you as the President. My work as an Executive Board Member for two years has thoroughly prepared me for this role. We are living in a time that will challenge us all and the NAACP will be here to lead the charge for justice and equality in America.

My short term goals are to first, work for economic development in the African American community, second, address some of the inequities that we face daily in the criminal justice system and the political process, third, create a scorecard for local elected officials and the police department, fourth, build partnerships with other organizations in Jacksonville, fifth, continue to register people to vote throughout the City of Jacksonville and surrounding areas, and last but not least, fight for a quality education for our children, which is always an ongoing priority.

During my term, I will be an approachable and positive leader who will continue to truly be involved in the community. As much as I want to accomplish, I know there is more we can do as a team, so please join the Jacksonville Branch of NAACP; together we can make a difference. We meet every second Sunday at 3:00 PM at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church.

Please note due to COVID, all meetings are virtual.......


I'm always ready to help the people of my community; and those whose civil rights are not protected......


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