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Committee Chair:

Reginald Ford

The Membership & Life Membership Committee works to increase membership by organizing campaigns, soliciting new members and renewals, and encouraging life memberships.


Committee Chair:

Kendrick Lusk

The Education Committee works to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education. Members focus on educational conditions affecting minorities including dropout rates, school funding, attendance, parental involvement, standardized testing, and teacher certification.


Committee Chair:

Theresa Cook

The Committee on Community Engagement enlists the support of other community organizations on issues affecting the interests of minority groups and the NAACP Jacksonville Branch in order to increase membership and volunteer recruitment, build coalitions around common goals, and increase Freedom Fund sponsorship of and attendance.


Committee Chair:


The Committee on Legal & Political Action raises awareness about the inequities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems as well as some of the public misconceptions about the impact of recent criminal policies on crime rate trends. Member work to increase minority participation in the justice system.


Committee Chair:


The Health & Welfare Committee is concerned with access to health care, health education, and inequalities in the community . While engaging in the community to ensure the well being of everyone is protected.  This committee  highlights the importance of health issues for minorities.


Committee Chair:

Tracy Cook

The Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee focuses on Armed Services and Veterans programs at the local, state and national levels to ensure they are administered fairly for minorities. The committee studies conditions pertaining to minorities and their families and handles discrimination complaints from members of the Armed Services and Veterans.

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