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Forums to discuss issues that effect you. Please be respectful with one another.

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Why Everyone Should be Registered to Vote.

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What are some of the Smart Phone features you would like to have available to you?

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Plan to do your part and become apart of the organization of the NAACP.

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Jacksonville School Mileage: We need to know the facts about this "Mileage and why are we extending the mileage?"

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  • unfortunately, I missed the public forum regarding the upcoming mileage. Can anyone who may have been in attendance share anything about the meeting? I am interested to know what some of the public concerns were and how they may have been addressed by the school board. thank you
  • Why Everyone Should be Registered to Vote. National Voter Registration Day, a coordinated day of action to raise awareness around voter registration and to help eligible voters register. Millions of people don't vote every election because they missed a registration deadline or don't know how to register.
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